Yet another person is auctioning off her body as a billboard on ebay. Not only does she offer your company's name is rhinestones across her chest, but she will also have a temporary, 30-day tattoo affixed to her breasts.

The seller describes herself as a vivacious 30-year old who really thinks this type of advertising will work for you.She will be your advertising tool for 30 days. She will have the temporary tattoo, as well making 7 tank tops in 7 different colors with your company's name, logo, and/or website in rhinestones, all of which she will wear during the 30 days. She will also answer any questions she is asked about your company and/or product, as well as pass out your business cards and flyers.

Not only will she advertise on herself, but if the bidding exceeds $5,000 she will make a shirt with rhinestones for her 6-week-old mini pinscher to wear as advertisement, too.
In addition to advertising, the winner will also get a pic of her with the advertisment on her chest, plus the tank tops that will be sent on a weekly basis.

Her only restrictions include no adult material, no smoking or drinking, no illegal content, no racial slurs or content, and no profanity.

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