While you can always play the usual games of quarters or beer pong, to impress the ladies, try the Booze Cruz RC drinking game and you will be winning all night.

This game uses radio controlled cars and a course that you can set up in your living room, backyard, pool side and or on your beer pong table. When you buy the game, you'll get the car, a handset, a plastic shot glass, a washable tray that holds the shot glass on top of the car, four mini traffic cones, and instructions.

Breakdown of the game:

Fill up the shot glass with any beverage that you enjoy.

Use the cones and any else lying around the place to set up a kick ass course.

Maneuver the car around the course without spilling one precious drop of alcohol. You spill, you drink, you have a harder time the next time around.

Playing this game isn't just about skill, but also imagination. You can set up an easy course, but you'll end up looking lame, so go for the harder course to get all of the ladies and their attention.

Way to Spice It Up:

Place a bet or two on your opponent's driving skills. Not only will you leave sober enough to take his girl from him, but you'll have enough of his money to buy her a decent dinner.

Challenge a hot girl to a game. If you win, she has to kiss you. If she wins, you have to kiss her.

Get a group of your buddies together to try their skills and see who passes out first.

The only thing you need to remember before playing the game is loading up the car with two AA batteries. If you don't, the car won't work and you'll just have to go back to playing Asshole.

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