While just about every relationship starts out hot and heavy, unfortunately, for many couples, the fireworks eventually fizzle out. While some couples don't need that new relationship feeling to know that they're in it for the long haul, others may not be sure about their relationships' futures if they don't feel like they did in those first few months. You may want to consider taking the dreaded relationship term---a break.

Be warned, this isn't a decision to be taken lightly. If you aren't ready for her to be hooking up with other guys, do not move into break mode just yet. If you are already thinking about hooking up with other girls, or already have started, then it is probably time for some separation weeks or months. If you do decide to take the leap, keep some things in mind:

All of your problems may not be solved. If you had problems in your relationship that weren't resolved before you cool it down, they probably won't get any better. You may think that a break with make all of your problems go away, but, a break will only help you avoid the problems, which will still be there like a third wheel when and if you get back together. Before you decide to take a break, make sure that you have any problems under control. They don't necessarily have to be completely solved, but you should at least discuss them and come up with a plan of action that can be taken care of at a later date when you are both ready to work on them together.

If It's Meant To Be...we have all heard the saying about setting something free, it will come back, blah, blah. Taking a break can work this way. By not seeing each other like you are used to, you can come to realize just how much she means to you and vice versa. If all you both can do is think about each other, and can't stand another day apart, then you know that you're relationship is truly meant to be (hopefully).

The Beginning Of The End: A break may not solve your relationship problems. In fact, it may actually help you to realize even more problems that you hadn't previously considered. In addition, being apart can help you to figure out just how you feel about the other person and if she is someone you really want to be with. You may find that being alone is just what you needed and you don't need a break from dating, you just need a break from her. Be prepared that she might come to the same conclusion, so think twice before jumping into the break.

If it isn't you deciding to take the break and you hear it from her mouth first, keep in mind that she might a) want to hook up with other guys; b)just doesn't want to be with you anymore but can't tell you; or c)actually needs a break to "reevaluate" the relationship. Either way, if you are having issues, beat her to the punch and call a time out first, just keep in mind that it might be a break indefinitely.