Michael Bowes, an inventor from Glasgow, has designed the 'automatic bartender.' He hopes that this vending machine of sorts will cut down on lines in pubs and even help to reduce binge drinking.

Bowes, 23, dreamed up the idea for his invention while waiting for a drink at a busy pub. He stated: "After queuing for a great deal of time, it dawned on me that a system could be put in place to provide customers ordering bottled alcohol, such as beer, with an alternative point of purchase." He also added: "This would relieve undue pressure on bar staff who often struggle to keep up with orders during peak times and also provide customers with a drink far more quickly."

His concept impressed the Japanese firm Fuji so much that they teamed up with him to produce it.The machine stocks 300 bottles and will supposedly serve them chilled without cracking or shaking. It will take either coins or bills and other models are being designed that will be able to accept payment by credit card or mobile phone.