While you probably think it's the physical attributes that attract you to a woman, like her eye color or bra size, your DNA actually has quite a lot to do with it. Your genetics can actually dictate who you fall for and who is the best match for you. Lucky for you, there is a service out there that can ensure you are set up with a woman who is DNA-perfect for you.

ScientificMatch.com is a service that uses your specific DNA to find your perfect love match. The site uses your DNA to maximize the chances of finding physical chemistry with your matches. They conduct an in-depth background check that provide one of the safest--and most honest--places for your love search.

When you sign up with the site, you'll receive a DNA collection kit. Follow the instructions, send in your sample, and wait for the lab to work their magic. Everything is anonymous and, in about two weeks, you'll receive the results and be on your way to what could be the best relationship you've ever had. Scientific Match is a bit pricey, with a lifetime membership at $1,995.95, but you can't put a price on finding your soulmate.

Note: If you sign up before Valentine's Day 2009, you'll pay only $995.

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