Women tend to cause fights for a variety of reasons; they are pmsing, they are really angry or they just want to test your love for them. While all of these reasons sound stupid to men, women honestly just can't help some of them. To learn the inner workings of her mind and why she is a fighter and not a lover; tune in to her rationale and find ways to combat the anger.

There is evidence that the hypothalamus, which is located in her brain, has a role in their hunger, thirst and sleep patterns. The hypothalamus is very sensitive to environmental stimulation such as emotional stress and physical illness. This may explain the odd food cravings, disturbed sleep, bloating and outright bitchiness. To help her combat it, she needs: more sleep, to take some vitamins, get in the gym and avoid caffiene and alcohol. If you can help her out with some of these remedies, she may be less likely to pick fights with you over absolutely nothing.

Fighting Mad
Women are not as complex as men think. We usually get mad because:

1.you didn't listen to us
2.you lied to us
3.you aren't showing us enough attention
4.we are insecure about something

Next time she is mad, think about these four things and why she might be angry. The simplest way to argue your point is to apologize for what you did and then butter her up with how much you love her; she will cave in eventually. Do not turn it around on her or walk away, this only makes the situation worse.

Your Love I.Q.
We want to know that you love us and think we are the greatest thing to walk the earth. If we are feeling insecure about ourselves or are worried that you don't feel the same way anymore, we will pick a fight to test your commitment. We want you to say how much you love us and then we will make nice. We suggest conceding on these arguments and realizing what she is really upset about. Did you just get a call from an ex? Most likely, she is reacting to something that happened and it has little to do with what she is saying it is about.