If this is the year that you and your girlfriend have finally decided to spend Thanksgiving together, then chances are you are going to be sharing a table with her parents. You may think that you have nothing to worry about, but, you're wrong. Following a few simple tips can mean the difference between being invited back for Christmas or being kicked out of her parents' house by her gun-toting dad.

  • RSVP as early as possible, give a firm handshake to the Dad and look them in the eye.

  • Nothing is tackier than being late, so aim for being early.

  • Dress to impress. You don't have to wear a suit, but try to look put together and don't forget to shave.

  • Offer to bring something; whether its a bottle of wine, a loaf of crusty bread from your local bakery, or a store-bought pumpkin pie.

  • Steer clear of any conversations involving politics, religion, or sex.

  • Lend a hand and offer to help clean up dinner. Even though they will probably turn you down, offering will earn points.

  • Join the gang. If her family watches football or the parade every year, make sure you join in with the fun.

  • DO NOT forget to give thanks to the rents before leaving. If you don't, you will seem ungrateful and they will remember it...forever.