Next time you have a date, skip the drunken route and get wasted on water. Via Genova, located in Chappaqua, New York since 2006, is the area's premiere water bar and cafe. You won't find the establishment's bar stocked with liquor and beer, but you will find a pretty good-sized collection of water from around the world.

Check out the "Arnold Schwarzenegger bottle," and 1 Liter, which was featured by Oprah on a recent O list. Their waters include Japanese volcanic water, Canadian and Norwegian glacial water, mountain and medicinal spa waters from Italy, France, Spain and Germany, water from the Braes of Glenlivet (the perfect water for the perfect Scotch), and other waters from Sweden to South Africa. They offer water by the bottle or case only, but don't be surprised if you ask for a sample to find yourself tasting waters as if you were tasting wines.

Water isn't the only thing on tap at Via Genova. If you plan to eat there, you'll find European style breakfast, 100% Kona coffee, a much talked about Italian antipasto and sandwich, gourmet green-tea sodas, as well as Italian gelato and Spanish in-fruit sorbets. Via Genova can also help by catering your event with their water. And, if you spend more than $2k in catering, you'll also get what they call a "bling gift." With that cash-for-water flow you should receive the secret to the Fountain of Youth.

If you're in the area, and you want to take a date on a truly unique experience, try Via Genova. Chances are, she'll appreciate that you aren't trying to get her drunk. And, you won't have to worry about doing something stupid to ruin the date because there's a slim chance that you will get smashed on water.