Just because you dress well, have a great job and are hot, it doesn't mean you know how to get a woman to want you. If you're sending out the wrong signals and aren't saying the right things, no girl will want you, no matter how great you look. Here are the skills you need to know:

If you don't have self-confidence, no woman will want you. A woman wants her man to know what he wants, believes in himself, and has goals that he wants to achieve in life that will prove he's all about bettering himself and isn't willing to stay in the same old rut year in and year out. Women respect a man who won't settle for the hum drum and knows he can do whatever he puts his mind to.

It's also important to remember that, if you want a woman to think you'd make a great boyfriend, you have to also believe it. A woman wants a guy who knows how to treat her like the queen that she is. Treating her with the utmost respect, being considerate of her feelings, and knowing when to be a gentlemen will give you the edge over other guys who are waiting in line to try and get with her if you fail.

Chivalry definitely isn't dead, and a woman is always on the look out for a guy who will be her knight in shining armor. So, make sure that you don't get all wimpy on her while minding your P's and Q's. She may want a man who will be the kind of guy that every woman dreams of, but she also wants a guy who can be her protector when needed.

Lastly, funny guys always seem to get the girl, no matter how he looks. Case in point--Jim Carrey. This ass-talker certainly isn't he best looking guy in Hollywood, yet he always seems to be linked to some major hotties, like his most recent conquest--Jenny McCarthy. Another perfect example is David Spade. He looks like a 12-year-old girl with facial hair, yet he's managed to bed hotties like Heather Locklear. Sure, it could be the major paychecks that they pull in, but it is more than likely their ability to make a woman laugh.

Now, being funny doesn't mean always being on, if you get the drift. Knowing when to make a woman laugh, and actually knowing how to effectively do it, is one of the best tools a guy can have in his dating toolbox. If you can turn her frown upside down, she'll be yours. You now have what you need to make yourself date ready inside and out.