History was made when an ice-cold tumbler of vodka simply garnished with two speared pearl onions was recently sold in Rockport, Massachusetts. It was the first alcoholic beverage sold there since 1933.

"It's a great day for Rockport," said Peter Beecham, the man who led the effort to lift the town's ban on alcohol. He added, of his $7.50 glass of Grey Goose, "And this is very good."Up until this milestone, the town was one of 17 in the state to have a law against selling alcohol.
"I don't think the ban ever made sense," stated Bruce Coates, who owns the Emerson Inn by the Sea, where this first drink was sold. "We've had people cancel their reservations with us when we told them this was a dry town."

Rockport became a dry town when, on the morning of July 8, 1856, a group of 200 hatchet-wielding women raided local watering holes in protest of their men spending too much money and time in them. It remained dry, except for a short year after Prohibition ended.