In 1980, Stanley Kubrick came to the Timberline Lodge to film one of the all-time great horror classics, THE SHINING. In the film, Jack Nicholson slowly loses his grasp on reality and loses himself in a hallucination of a 1920s era ball. Twenty-Eight years later, Nike Sportswear and Fantastic Fest have joined forces to recreate the very same ball at the very same lodge--and you're invited this Halloween.

Choose from two party packages available for the event, which takes place on October 31. The first is the VIP Overnight Package, which allows you to stay at the Timberline that night. For $200, two people will have access to a room, dinner, 3 cocktails each, shows and live music, a screening of the movie in the room, a VIP gift package, and a continental breakfast the following morning. If staying at the Lodge is too much for you, then the Gold Room Ticket might be more your speed. For just 25 bucks you get dinner, 3 cocktails, shows and live music, a limited edition poster, and bus transportation to and from the event.

You must be at least 21 to attend the party, and formal attire is required. Considering that the party is a 1920s theme, that era of dress is preferred and special gifts will be given for the best period attire of the night. At the stroke of midnight, all VIP Overnight guests are required to return to their rooms and turn on their TVs for a very special screening of THE SHINING. All VIP guests will be watching THE SHINING simultaneously, but in the privacy of their own rooms.

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