SongVest allows the average Joe with a little cash and some bidding skills to have a music career without requiring any kind of musical talent. SongVest is a music auction breakthrough that connects fans with the songwriters behind the music they love. The highest bidder at the auctions owns a share of the rights, including a nice chunk of the song royalties that come streaming in every time it gets played--plus a one-of-a-kind gold or platinum record with handwritten lyrics.

Find a list of songs and artists on SongVest's website, and once you find a song you'd like to own, just fill out the registration form and you could be on your way to a career in music. After registration is complete, there are a few ways that you can bid. If the event is live, then you can go there and bid in person. Phone bids are also accepted, as well as absentee bids made via email, phone, or fax. But, if a live auction isn't available, you can place your bid through the website.

However you use it, to satisfy your love of music or to impress the ladies, just be sure that you really want to own the song when you make a bid, because a bid counts as a legally binding contract.

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