The new Perfume Watches from Vennex combine utility with sprayability. Dress up your wrist and your neck simultaneously with this unique watch that doubles as a cologne/perfume sprayer. With this on your wrist, you'll go out feeling more like James Bond and smelling less like dirty laundry. Hopefully this isn't a signal for people to stop taking showers.

The watches come with a little filling kit complete with a funnel, vial, and pipette to load the watch with your favorite scent. To spray the perfume you need to twist away the shield over the atomizer at 2 o'clock and press down on the pusher. The watches have Swiss quartz movements and are remarkably wearable from a design standpoint given their dual purposes.

For a gift, the watch is probably a great idea for women who want to go out carrying as little possible, but still want their favorite scent handy. And, for guys who head out after a long day at work, it will keep you looking and smelling good all night long. Also, the watches are cost effective at $150.

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