Studies show that men are conscious of their stamina, lasting long enough, and their size, but women have plenty of insecurities as well. In today's sexual millennium, women no longer believe that men hold sole responsibility for a good, plentiful, and healthy sex life. Women are proud to carry half the weight, but with that burden come the same insecurities that men have, including the time it takes to orgasm and the fear that she's doing something wrong.

A recent poll showed that women and men share one common opinion when it comes to sex; they are willing to talk openly about their sex lives in order to improve them. Nearly every man and woman who took the poll claimed that they would want to know if they were doing something wrong and were open to suggestions and guidance from their partners.

For example, 80% of men claim to be "very open" to guidance with an additional 17% being open if the suggestions were subtle and kind. That means that 97% of the men surveyed are ready and willing to please. So, what about the ladies? Women were slightly less open to tips from their partners with 57% saying they were "very open" to advice from their partners and an additional 35% saying they were open to pointers if it were suggested in a subtle and gentle manner.

Clearly, we are all open to suggestions and we have virtually the same insecurities, so how do we fix the problems and make sex better? Communication is the key to any successful relationship especially when it comes to sex, so why is it that 1 in 4 of both sexes said they'd never given their partner any pointers?

Both women and men are afraid to hurt their partners feelings, so how is this for some incentive: Of those surveyed, 58% of men say that communicating their needs and suggesting tips improved their sex lives twofold, while 67% of women say that their man responded well to encouraging guidance and the sex became awe-inspiring. For once, talking more can lead to increased (and better) sex.