For those of us who enjoy fine tequila, there's some good, yet somewhat odd news. A pricey brand of tequila has been transformed into a fragrance, so you can now smell just like the drink you love.

100 percent blue agave Gran Centenario is used to make the limited edition fragrance called Angel Mist.A spokeswoman has said that this is the first time that agave has been used to make a perfume.

The Mexico-based company Jose Cuervo International, which is the parent company of Centenario, created the fragrance along with the Switzerland-based international fragrance and flavor company Firmenich, Inc.

According to the company, the scent is described as "a citrus burst of sparkling lime blended with 100 percent blue agave Gran Centenario Plata Tequila and alluring notes of oakwood."

The fragrance is part of the push Jose Cuervo is using to introduce the new Gran Centenario ultra-premium Tequila.