A Tyra Banks look-alike has caused quite a stir when a nude photo of the imposter was found in a porno mag with the headline "Totally Tyra."

The latest issue of Xtreme shows the supermodel's look-alike posing naked on the cover page. Discovered by a porn director at a mall, she also stars in the recently released, "Boned."The imposter was quoted as saying, "I haven't met her; I haven't heard anything from her. I'm not sure she's heard about me!"

Cindi Berger, the model's spokesperson, has claimed that the fake Tyra is nowhere near the likes of Banks."Clearly this is not Tyra. Tyra doesn't smoke or drink, and she wouldn't pose nude in a million years."

Want to know if she truly does look like the stunning model, you can check it out for yourself. Visit the faker's website at www.totallytyra.com.