When a woman is looking for a hookup, there are usually certain signals that she gives off to let the men around her know that she's single and looking. If you are oblivious to the extra sexy clothing and repeated eye contact, analyze her walk. A new report states that the way a woman walks can say a lot about her sexual prowess.

The report, published in the New Scientist, asked female volunteers to dress in suits. Then, light reflectors were placed on each woman's limbs and joints. The women were filmed walking so that the team could see how each woman moved. Saliva samples were also taken from each woman so that the team could figure out their hormone levels. After the tests were complete, it was found that fertile women had a tendency to walk with their knees close and with smaller hip motion.

Forty men were asked to watch the tapes of each woman walking and rate whose walk was sexiest. Those not in their fertile cycle were chosen most often. The findings are interesting, considering a recent study found that fertile lap dancers made more while dancing than those where were not in their fertile cycle. Apparently, fertile women are able to use their facial expressions to their advantage when close to a prospective hook-up, while a non-fertile woman's sexy walk can be picked up from farther away, like across a crowded bar.

Analysis: If she's walking quickly with short steps, then chances are she's not looking for anything. You can try to talk to her if you want, but the chances of being shot down in front of your friends are pretty good. If she is walking tall, with her back straight and with slow, long strides, then she is exuding confidence; She wants to be noticed, which is a good thing for you. This is definitely a woman you want to try talking to. If she's walking straight towards you and staring you in the eye, then muster up your A-game and take it in stride.